School Admission Policies

The School policies below are:

  1. to ensure compliance with the School’s purpose as a school providing independent co-education for students between the age range of 1 to 18.
  2. To set selection criteria and procedures that are consistent with this purpose and fair to applicants.
  3. To identify applicants whose academic and other abilities appear to match the ethos and standards of the School, and whose personal qualities suggest they have the potential to contribute sufficiently to the school community and benefit from the many opportunities that are offered here.
  1. The School standard entry points are at Hericrèche, Reception, Year 1, Year 7 and Year 8 (On a yearly basis).
  2. Other standard entry points are at Sixth Form (Year 12) and IGCSE (Year 10).
  3. Places may also be available at non-standard entry points, during the academic year.
  4. The School normally uses the 1st January birthday for determining the applicant’s eligibility for entry. An applicant who is a year young for the year group to which she is applying will need to be sufficiently mature to cope with the academic and social demands of the School.
  1. All parents/guardians are requested to complete this application form, which should be addressed to the Department Headteacher for Admissions together with a non-refundable application fee to cover administration expenses.
  2. The completion and signing of an application form does not guarantee admission by the Headteacher nor does it in any way bind parents.
  1. Students applying to join the school all take the entrance examination.
  2. The School will contact the parents of students registered two weeks in advance of the entrance examination, giving detailed information about the schedule.
  3. Parents who have not heard from the School within two weeks of the application being made are requested to contact the Department Headteacher. The School does not accept responsibility for administrative errors or letters going astray.
  4. Applicants will be invited to attend the School for examination. Exceptionally, overseas candidates may take the papers in their own school where satisfactory arrangements can be assured.
  5. An interview forms part of the entrance process.
  6. Letters offering places and scholarships or other awards will be sent out usually within one week of the entrance examination, in some cases the Headteacher may inform you directly after the entrance test should the applicant at a non-standard entry point or time. Parents will be asked to accept the offer and pay the registration fee within 10 days of notification, or decline the offer within this time so that the place or award can be offered to another family if necessary. The registration fee will be used as part of the general fund of the School. 4.7 Parents will also need to complete the Parents’ Contract upon which the offer is
  7. Mid School (Years 8 – 10) Admissions Timetable Entry is usually on the basis of an examination in English, Mathematics and the sciences, an interview and a report from the candidate’s current school will also be required.
  8. Sixth Form Admissions Timetable A provisional offer of a place will usually be made after an interview and on receipt of a satisfactory school report and reference and set of IGCSE and A level predictions. Candidates should be capable of gaining a very good set of IGCSEs with grades higher than “B” in the subjects they intend to study at AS level and with at least grade “Cs” in the rest of their subjects. The “timetable” for the admissions process is flexible and depends on the timing of the application in respect of the entry date. Offers are confirmed on publication of the IGCSE results.

The School is both an academic and sporting selective school.

The preconditions for admission are that:

  • The applicant is of the appropriate age and sufficient maturity.
  • The applicant enjoys satisfactory general health and will be able to attend lessons and participate fully in the life of the School.
  • The applicant’s learning difficulties and other special needs (if any) have been fully disclosed at the point of registration to the school and are, in the opinion of the Headteacher, within both the School’s and pupil’s capacity to cope.
  • The present school report is satisfactory in respect of conduct and attitude.

The criteria for selection are:

  • Success in the School Entrance Examination.
  • A positive recommendation from the Headteacher of the applicant’s current school.
  • The School is looking for well-rounded and balanced pupils and those with exceptional abilities.

Factors which will not be taken into account in the assessment of a pupil for admission are: the Applicant’s family connections with the school, skin colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin, religious faith, area of residence or socio-economic group.

Overseas entrants whose mother tongue is not English must satisfy the school in respect of their ability to cope with the curriculum in English and may be requested to complete a written test in their chosen subjects.

  1. Academic Scholarships: may be awarded annually to pupils entering the School at Year 7 and to internal and external candidates entering the Sixth Form. The percentage of discount of the school fees varies from case to case. They are awarded on academic merit and interview.
  2. Subject Scholarships: Music, Drama, Art, Sport, Mathematics and English may be awarded to pupils entering the School at Year 7. Shortlisted candidates for Music, Drama, Art and Sport will be invited to an audition or other assessment.
  3. Sixth Form Performance Awards: may be awarded for Drama, Art, DT, PE and Music. For further details about eligibility, application and the conditions that apply to the award of a scholarship or award, please contact the Registrar.
Responsibility for Admissions
  1. The Head is responsible for admissions and for the operation of this policy.
  2.  The admission process is supervised by the Head. The selection criteria and interview procedure are determined and reviewed from time to time by the directors. Those involved in selection and interviewing have received appropriate preparation.
  3. Documents supporting each application for admission, together with selection and interview notes (“the records”) will be retained by the School for at least one year after the interview, whether or not the Applicant is offered a place.
  1. The school is committed to securing equal opportunity through the creation of an environment in which individuals are treated on the sole basis of their relevant merits and abilities. Pupils, staff, parents and Directors share this commitment.
  2. Parents/guardians are required to disclose their knowledge of any specific learning difficulty or disability relating to their daughter on registration. In addition, pupils will normally be interviewed and, if appropriate, referred to curriculum support staff who will undertake an assessment of an individual’s learning needs.
  1. All school fees are due on or before the first day of each term.
  2. The School offers payment terms for exceptional casecases. payment terms have to be approved by the Headteacher.
  3. Failure to pay fees will result in your child being removed from the school register and possible court action.
  1. All place withdrawals must be given in writing three months prior to the student leaving the school.
  2. This notice period also applies to the withdrawal of a pupil from school after acceptance of a place, or for removal at any time during the pupil’s education at school.
  3. A full term’s fees become payable in the absence of the notice given above.
  1. The Heritage School is a Private Limited Company and an Independent School.  All pupils enrolled at the School will be taught in accordance with the tenets of the Heritage Curriculum, ZIMSEC and Cambridge International Examinations requirements.  All pupils will attend and participate in all Assemblies, Services, Timetabled lessons and any other School functions or Activities outside the normal School hours.
  2. Parents/Guardians and pupils are obliged to abide by the policies, School rules, timetabled subjects, including standards and instructions which the Board of Directors and/or the Principal from time to time will institute, relating to the School, This also covers the participation in extra-curricular activities of the School, the conduct of pupils, the wearing of uniform and other similar matters.  A copy of the extra-curricular activities  policy is attached for the Parents/Guardians’ retention.
  3. Parents/Guardians agree and undertake to supply the pupil with all uniforms, sporting and scholastic equipment and other requirements as stipulated by the School, and to replace the same as and when necessary.  Lost books and damaged books will also need to be replaced.  Parents/Guardians may be billed for these books on their next term’s invoice.
  4. Parents/Guardians undertake to buy all the recommended Heritage School uniform and no substitutes will be allowed.  Children with the wrong uniform will be sent home.
  5. Parents/Guardians agree and undertake to pay all fees, levies and other charges which the School may deem necessary from time to time for each term the pupil remains at the School.  Fees must be paid termly in advance on or before the first day of each term.  The Parents/Guardians recognise that failure to do so, or to make prior acceptable arrangements with the School, will entitle the School to send the child home until such fees are paid, or until suitable arrangements are negotiated.  Interest on unpaid fees may be charged.  Should the fees, levies and other charges still not be paid, or acceptable arrangements not be made, the School may terminate that child’s place in the School with immediate effect.
  6. Parents/Guardians who wish to withdraw their child from the School shall be obliged to give a full term’s notice in writing, by not later than the first day of term, of the intention to withdraw the pupil from the School at the end of that term.  Failure to do so will result in the Parents/Guardians paying a full term’s fee and charges in lieu of notice.
  7. Parents/Guardians accept the authority of the Principal within the School in all matters of discipline, including in extreme matters, expulsion, suspension and internal detention.
  8. Parents/Guardians undertake to ensure their child has suitable transport arrangements to and from the School and sporting venues within the stipulated hours of the School.  Pupils must be at School before 7:10am and must be collected by 12:30pm (Infant Department), 3:30pm (Junior Department), 4:30pm (Senior Department), unless other times are from time to time stipulated.  Full uniform should be worn to and from School with pride.
  9. In the event of any emergency arising, whether medical or otherwise, in which it is not possible for effective communication to be established with the Parents/Guardians, the Parents/Guardians hereby agrees that the Principal and/or Deputy Principals shall have authority “in loco parentis” to make any decisions she/he considers necessary for the pupil.
  10. Parents/Guardians undertake to pay the full cost of repairs and/or replacement of school property , equipment, books etc. that is lost or damanged by their child. Cost of repairs and replacement to be charged on the pupil’s School account, for payment on the next term’s fees, when necessary.
  11. If it is necessary for the School to institute any legal proceedings under this contract, the parties agree that the School may institute proceedings through the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court for the Province of Harare sitting at Harare, notwithstanding that the action or matter might otherwise exceed the jurisdiction of such Court for whatever reason.  In the event of any such proceedings the Parents/Guardians agree that they will be liable to pay legal fees incurred by the School on the legal practitioner and client basis and any collection commission payable by the School to its legal practitioners.
  12. Should any Parents/Guardians wish to join the“Friends of the Heritage School” (FOTH) organisation Parents/Guardians agree to make a positive contribution to the School.  Its members should not involve themselves with School policies, curriculum matters or the running of the School.