Boarding at Acacia House

Our new Boarding house comprises two wings (Girls wing and a Boys wing), it is a modern and impressive building. The boarding house has a capacity of 150 Boarders 80 girls and 70 boys, aged between ten and eighteen.

All boarders have hotel style rooms with no more than four boarders to a room. All our bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom and each boarder also has their own personal work area and wardrobe. All boarders have access to common rooms, all with internet access. some have a mini-kitchen with basic facilities. We also have dedicated games rooms with pool tables and table tennis tables plus lots of board games. There is also spacious dedicated TV rooms.

Our boarding students have full use of all the School’s facilities; including our indoor cricket pitch and nets, basketball court, tennis courts, swimming pool, the School libraries and ICT suites, and of course the 45 acre parkland grounds at the Heritage school. We also offer access to the Borrowdale Brooke golf course during the weekends.


Boarding requires a student to take responsibility for his or her own life and to get along with a community of other students. It provides them with a secure base and a focus of loyalty within a large school, as well as an opportunity for exercising responsibility and leadership.

The Dean of Students (Head of Boarding), will be responsible for the academic, pastoral and social welfare of the boarders, and for communication with parents. We believe the pastoral care and support offered within our boarding house to be exemplary.

Each student has access to a range of medical and counselling services, as necessary. Every boarder is assigned to a Personal Tutor whom he/she sees regularly: the Tutor is the first point of contact for a boarder. As a boarding and day school, The Heritage School is committed to providing a broadly-based education designed to enable all students to discover their strengths, and to make the most out of their talents within The Heritage and beyond. It is our belief that the experience of living in a boarding community engenders respect for others. At the Heritage Boarding House we seek to foster independence and to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve his or her best.

Fundamentally, we want all boarders to be happy during their time at The Heritage. Our staff create an environment where supervision, care and guidance is exercised in a happy, disciplined, family atmosphere. The School Doctor visits the boarding house a minimum of twice a week or as necessary. A culture of academic attainment is nurtured as our students observe prep time each evening.

Boarding staff act as academic tutors and provide a monitoring and reporting system, both within school and with home. Tutors meet with the boarders on an individual basis to discuss their Progress and comment to their studies.

Meals & Nutrition

Food is an important part of boarding school life and one that is taken very seriously at The Heritage. We offer nutritious, freshly prepared food throughout the day. Our menus blend traditional with worldwide flavours to cater for our diverse student base. We also provide themed menus to support learning and encourage a cultural palate, as well as researching new ideas to keep our menus fresh and interesting.

All meals are served in the Boarding House Dining Hall, Sixth Form Students can also visit the  Pavilion Coffee shop for sandwiches and other snacks and beverages during the day.


The Boarders are offered a variety of activities which include; Indoor Cricket, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Hockey, Table Tennis and all the outdoor activities are also offered to our day students. The weekend opportunities may include shopping trips, adventure trips, golf and trips to the cinema.

Goodaily Jiri

Boarding Housemistress