Infant Department

Welcome to the most successful, forward thinking Pre-Preparatory School in Zimbabwe. The Infant Department has a short but very successful history of educating boys and girls, combining an exciting curriculum with up-to-date facilities. Every member of staff here is committed to making the journey for our children not only productive with clear outcomes but also inspiring, innovative and enjoyable at whatever age.

The Facilities

The classrooms are large, airy and bright, each with a built-in office. The colourful noticeboards are often decorated with the children’s work. This provides an important stimulus and a source of positive pride.

There are fourteen Classrooms, a large Hall, Library and Video room, a Medical room, Staff room & Offices. There are ten sets of bathrooms, which are checked and cleaned three times per day. There is a hard playing surface, and a grass playing area with a track, ship, swings and wheeled toys.


The teachers are selected for their understanding and expertise in early learning. All teachers are well qualified and experienced in educating young children.

The teachers all have a teacher’s assistant, there is a Headteacher and a Deputy Head who is responsible for the daily running of the department. There is a full-time Nurse and a Secretary.


Dr. Fortune Pangeti

Infant Department Headmistress