Acacia House

Boarding at Acacia House provides a flexible and caring second home. Catering for a diversity of ages from 7 to 18 years, our students are presently able to board as full time termly boarders and may take exeat weekends over the term. Boarding is a way of life at Acacia House; the students are part of a friendly, family community in which they can live, work and play, secure in the knowledge that they are valued and well cared for. All boarders at Heritage develop a strong sense of belonging and inclusion and often develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Boarders learn independence, time-management skills and responsibility and, with guidance and support from houseparents, they learn how to balance their academic work with their social time. Boarding provides students with the space to focus on their work, whilst also giving them the chance to get involved in a wide and varied range of extra-curricular activities that might not be practical whilst living at home.


The Heritage School is based upon a family approach to boarding where the staff endeavour to maintain a supportive and safe environment where young people can grow and develop into independent, responsible adults. In return it is expected that boarders make the most of the opportunities available to them. When a student joins the boarding community, they will share a room with a maximum of three other boarders of a similar age, giving them a chance to make friends in the house. All rooms have independent work areas and an en-suite bathroom. Each house has a comfortable TV, DVD and games room and WiFi connection. The boarders also have a small kitchen where they can make tea, coffee and hot chocolate and toast. Students are encouraged to socialise, have a chat, and relax within the comfy surroundings of their common room areas.

Acacia staff

The Housemasters and Housemistresses are responsible for looking after the students’ welfare and ensuring that life in the house is a good humoured experience that students will look back on with fondness. Overall the boarding houses are homes, places to relax and socialise and share experiences.

At Heritage we are lucky to have an excellent location and top class facilities for sport, music and arts. Activities are numerous and varied, they run at lunchtime, after school, after dinner and into the evening, as well as at weekends. Other external trips include adventure trips, shopping excursions, golf days, church and trips to the cinema. We make sure that our boarders have plenty of opportunities to try new things as well as developing their existing interests.

Three way Partnership

The Heritage School actively promotes a three-way partnership between its students, parents and staff. This is equally so in the boarding community where boarding staff and parents are seeking the best for their child in a supportive environment. Boarding staff also actively encourage communication by phone and email and will raise any concerns with parents as they arise. Parents are actively encouraged to visit as well as support their sons and daughters in performances, matches, parents’ evenings and church services.

Goodaily Jiri

Boarding Housemistress