Infant Curriculum

The curriculum allows children from an early age to concentrate on the fundamentals of Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The children will learn about the world around them through exploration and discovery.

The children also benefit from a wide experience of subjects which include; Basic Science, Art, General Knowledge, Religious Education, Music and Drama, Computing, French, and Shona. Our curriculum also incorporates technology as the children are encouraged to select and experiment with different media for particular purposes. Assemblies are attended by all Infants in the Apollo Hall. Bringing all the children together for assembly helps our young children to appreciate being part of a community. They clap hands for their peers when they receive awards in assembly, and they love to be part of an audience together with teachers and parents during class plays.

Our Physical Education Department has put together a Sports Development Programme for the Infants Department which caters for our young learner’s physical development. Gross and fine motor activities are designed to assist children to move through space in various ways, as they enhance the coordination and control of their bodies. Each child takes part in our Physical Education program and every child is taught to swim.

Dr. Fortune Pangeti

Infant Department Headmistress