Annual Cultural and Leadership Development Tours

An important part of education is experiencing something out of the ordinary once in a while. At The Heritage School we value being able to offer a well-rounded curriculum, including out-of-the-classroom  opportunities to broaden students’ life experiences, develop relational and leadership skills, and make meaningful memories from their learning journeys in school.

These tours and trips are open to all students within specific year groups and, while there is an additional cost attached to them, they can be paid for over as much time is required prior to them taking place. A Year 10 tour during the August school holidays, for example, can be paid via manageable instalments any time before the middle of the second term. The instalments toward tours and trips are accounted separately, so a very clear record is maintained by the finance department for money paid towards trips, and this will be reflected on your statements for you to keep tabs on.

While some tours are essentially fixed (such that every year during the April school holidays, for example, Year 8 students have the opportunity to travel on a tour in Cape Town), there are others, particularly cultural tours offered during Year 12, that will vary depending on what is being offered by partnering facilitators in Europe. In either case, the costs will be known well ahead of time, so that you can start paying toward the trips as soon as you have decided that your child will benefit from the opportunity.


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Year Eight and Nine
Adventure Tour (April 2018)

Open to all Year Eight and Nine Students

At a cost , excluding airfares to and from Cape Town, of about $630 per student (this may change depending on various cost variations nearer the time), this tour to Cape Town is excellent value. Facilitated by Edutours, a travel provider with a wealth of experience managing school trips of various kinds, students are accommodated in a large, fully catered guest house. All transport and tour guiding is included and students have a full agenda, including a visit to the Cape Town Planetarium, Boulder’s Beach (famous for its penguin colony), Cape Point Nature Reserve, Table Mountain, tenpin bowling,  Robben Island tour and more. This is a fantastic opportunity to see more of the world out there, for building relationships and personal growth. And it’s a great, fun-filled itinerary!

Year Ten
Wildlife Tour (31 July – 4 August 2017)

Open to all Year Ten students

Four nights and three very full days at the Chengeta and Shumba lodges just an hour outside of Harare are designed to provide opportunity for personal growth, building healthy relationships and leadership development for our students. This experience is in the context of learning more about our natural environment, wildlife and conservation, and comes with an investment of $200 per student, which includes transport to and from Dunhu Ramambo in Selous.

Year Twelve
Development Camp (21-24 February 2017)

Compulsory for all Year Twelve Students

Conducted just after the half term break of the first term, this camp is compulsory for all Year 12 students enrolled at The Heritage School. There is an all-inclusive cost of $250 per student, which covers transport to and from Antelope Park in Gweru for a very full schedule of teambuilding exercises, wildlife excursions and presentations for the students to develop  relationships, teamwork, leadership skills and personal growth.

This experience will be one that helps to set the students up to make the absolute most of their opportunities and contribution during the following year and a half of sixth form, as the senior members of The Heritage School.

Year Twelve
Cultural Tour 

Open to all Year twelve students with relevant extra-curricular involvement and A-Level courses of study

During the latter part of the Year 12 year students will have the opportunity to travel on a variety of optional tours to South Africa and Europe.

During the second or third week in July each year is the Grahamstown Festival Tour, which follows the famous Grahamstown Arts Festival and takes place during the second term. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a taste of visual arts, theatre, dance, writing and music within the context of attending performances, lectures, tours and workshops in and around the Rhodes University campus. It is open to all Year 12 students, but recommended for those studying literature, languages and the Arts in their A-Level courses. The cost is roughly $1,400 per student, inclusive of all travel and accommodation expenses. For planning purposes, attendance needs to be confirmed and the funds need to be paid by the third week of March, but dates will be confirmed as they become available.

In addition to this, The Heritage School is developing relationships that will enable us to facilitate regular cultural tours in Europe and the United States, opening up opportunities for students to visit and experience people and places that they’ve only read or watched films about. These tours will generally be around August each year, with payment due roughly two or three months prior, to facilitate booking confirmations.