Let your children express themselves and discover their true potential thru football, unlock their talent on the pitch while learning core life skills such as teamwork, friendship and an aptitude for constant improvement and self development. We are committed to creating a football environment where all children can express themselves and also learn from each other about how to play the beautiful game and how to play as a team.

At HFA boys and girls aged 4 to 18 have access to a team of professional dedicated coaches, support staff and world class facilities to train on.

The ultimate goal for HFA is for children to experience the joy of success in football while also experiencing significance in life. The experience is designed to be both challenging and enjoyable.We provide a high level training atmosphere in which players can thrive , improve and embrace the beautiful game while attending The Heritage School. Working to push players to a higher level and allowing every player to leave as a better athlete. Whatever your aspirations may be, HFA will provide you with every opportunity on the soccer field and in he classroom to leave The Heritage School and reach your goals in life internationally


The academy’s football curriculum is a progressive year long program that develops a players cognitive, technical and physical abilities while at the same time developing a respect and discipline about the game. The academy implements a large variety of ‘RONDO’ training techniques, Futsal football…. Which increases a players ability to think quickly while maintaining possession of the ball. Players will become better problem solvers and thinkers on the field of play and will be challenged as they develop their football mind through our unique curriculum